Accessories blister packs

At Dingemans, we closely follow consumer preferences. One of the initiatives resulting from this strategy is the Dingemans blister packs for the C60/27 ceiling system, our system for creating ceilings of around 10 m2.

All the blister packs have the Dingemans markings, are easy to use, consumers can see what they buy and, last but not least, they come in convenient small quantities!

All 10 different ceiling accessories are available in blister packs. All Dingemans blister packs come with a unique hanging card bearing an EAN code with article and type number, and are packaged in high-quality plastic. 

And by using their smart phone to scan the QR code, which is of course also included, customers can immediately access all essential information.

Placed above the Dingemans shelf in the store is a ceiling info sign giving exact instructions on how the profiles and accessories should be mounted. The reference figures correspond with the blister packs. The info sign has a standard size, namely breadth 60cm and height 35cm.

Dingemans has designed its own unique show display, which provides an exploded view of 3 walls combined with the C60/27 ceiling system. The show display dimensions are: height 165cm, breadth 64.5cm and depth 69cm. Instructions for the processing of both walls and ceilings are enclosed.

We deliver the presentation fully complete. The attractive and simple layout is guaranteed to draw attention. Grouping is based on the combination of various types of accessories during the processing, clearly stating the packaging sizes.


If you have any questions, contact our sales department: telephone 0416-275081 or by email



Description Articlecode

A mm size


 1. Connector

 HVS 7027



 2. Cross connector

 HKV 7404



 3. Anchor hanger with spring

 HAV 7029


 Ankerhanger met veer

 4. Suspension wire with hook

 HAD 7253


 Afhangdraad met haak

 5. Anchorhanger length 170mm

 HAG 7024



6 and 7. Nonius upperhanger

galvanised. Length A

upperhanger +

length lower hanger

= workheight incl. profile

HNB 7141

HNB 7146



 Nonius bovenhanger
8. Securing pin for nonius HNP 7180 n.v.t.  Nonius borgpen
9. Nonius lowerhanger HNH 7034 110  Nonius onderhanger
10. Directhanger HDA 7282 125  Directhanger


  • Order unit: 10 pcs per box and * 10 pcs per blister pack.
  • Extra anticorrosive on request


  • Assembly manual and ceiling calculation table
  • Performance/DoP statements