Curved walls

Formflex is the most flexible solution for walls and ceilings. Practically all round and curved forms can be realised with Formflex, which can be used as beam on the floor or against the structural ceiling. C profiles are subsequently placed as upright in the Formflex. FBVL or FBHA is used as flexible U profile for the sizes 50, 75 and 100 mm. The closed side should be applied as outer angle during processing. Click on comments for further information.


Article A mm B mm C mm  Picture
FSVL 50 50  



FSHA 50 50  



FBVL 50 50 25  FBVL
FBHA 50 50 25













  • Minimum order: FS 20 pcs per bundle or FB 10 pcs per bundle.
  • Thickness: 0.6mm.
  • Length: standard 2500 mm 
  • Extra anticorrosive on request.