A connector enables easy extension of the C60/27 profiles. You can create a double grid with cross connectors, level connectors or anchor brackets. These are fitted to the load-bearing and/or panel-supporting C60/27 profiles. U27 edge profiles are attached to the walls. Both ceiling profiles and accessories are produced according to the EN 13.964 standard. Click on comments for further information.


Description Articlecode

A mm size


Anchor bracket HAH 7026 n.a.  Ankerhoek
Cross connector HKV 7404* n.a.  Kruisverbinder
Folding cross connector HKV 7070  n.a.   Klapkruisverbinder
Level connector HNG 7702 n.a.  Niveaugelijkverbinder
Connector HVS 7027* 80  Verbindingsstuk
Connector long HVS 7050 110  Klapverbinder


  • Order unit: 100 pcs per box and * 10 pcs per blister pack.
  • Extra anticorrosive on request


  • Assembly manual and ceiling calculation table
  • Performance/DoP statements