Combatting cancer as a business partner of the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) 

Some 91,000 people a year are diagnosed with cancer. This amounts to ten people an hour…… which is far too high a figure for anyone to accept. And that is why the Dingemans Companies opted to become business partners of KWF in combatting this terrible illness.
The Dingemans Companies share the dream of literally millions of people: a world in which cancer is no longer a fatal illness. It would be absolutely tremendous if this dream were to come true. And the Dingemans Companies therefore contribute to KWF as business partners with this very objective in mind. Researchers worldwide strive to render cancer no longer fatal. They endeavour to achieve this as soon as possible: As soon as they are given the resources to achieve it.

KWF Business Partner

As KWF Business Partners, the Dingemans Companies contribute towards cancer research, making fixed monthly donations to scientific research and the recruitment of KWF Fellows. This also allows talented young scientists to gain experience in the field of cancer research and/or specialised cancer treatment. These highly talented scientists in the field of cancer research have proven a sound investment: many former fellows currently hold prominent positions in the world of cancer research.

Stand up against cancer

Is your firm also interested in fighting against cancer? If so, check out the Dutch Cancer Society’s special activities website for inspiration and further information: