Steel frame construction

What is steel frame construction?

Steel frame construction involves the use of prefabricated frames the building of floors, walls and roofs. These frames are based on a framework of thin steel profiles.

Frames are realised in-factory by cladding the framework with panels and insulation material. Rigidity calculations take the sheet materials into account.

The frames are relatively light and easy to transport to the building site. There, the frames are assembled into shell structures or can be combined with, for example, a concrete shell or steel skeleton. Variations in frame, structure and cladding make it possible to accommodate a broad range of wishes and requirements.


Why steel frame?

A steel frame is light, approx. 5-10 kg/m2, and strong. Clear spans to over 7 m are possible. Assembly is fast and accurate thanks to factory pre-assembly, 

which combines convenience with versatility. Several smaller series of various designs are possible within a larger project, enabling a playful and diverse residential district. Thanks to its flexibility in terms of layout and concealment (and modification) of pipes/cables, steel frame construction is highly suitable for modular building

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